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How to create a flexible company structure with technology and the use of freelancers



How can technology help to find and manage a flexible workforce? And how can freelancers help companies to master upcoming challenges? Especially in our current situation, planning for required personnel resources can be difficult. In this white paper, you will find possible solutions for how companies can stay sustainable using technology and a flexible workforce.

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In this whitepaper you will learn everything about:

Flexible Workforces

Why it is so important to leverage flexible workforces.

Advantages through technology

How to use technology in a targeted way to automate workloads and save time while reducing costs.


And how you easily master them when working with freelancers.

Freelancer as a One-Stop-Shop

How using a single solution eliminates time-consuming administrative processes thanks to full automation.

"Companies achieve average time savings of 23% per project, with an average cost reduction of 42%."

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